Quick Specs

Drum Size
1675 mm
Machine Operating Weight
8750 kg
Maximum Engine Power
56 kW (76hp)

The JCB Tandem Roller VMT 860 is a compactor that amalgamates the latest and improved technology from Germany to provide increased fuel efficiency, maintenance free roller, auto dust removal system for air cleaning, reliability, high compaction forces and low vibrations to its operator.

The aim is to provide best in class operator comfort using two rotating operator seats along with a tiltable steering. It is a vigorous and fully certified compactor, able to outperform other compactors on soil compactions and construction alike.

It provides a state of the art JCB ecoMax engine with 76 HP.

A zero maintenance roller with a life time lubricated central joint, consequently minimising friction and allowing smooth movement along with automatic dust removal system for air cleaning and a 3-point pre-loaded support for anti-vibration pads.

With 8.75T operation weight, JCB provides maximised centrifugal force along with dual amplitude and dual frequency.

The aim is to provide utmost comfort to the operator by providing high front and rear visibility, the benefit of two water pumps with independent circuits, a systemised pressurised water sprinkler system and the largest fuel tank with a capacity of 240 litres.

It not only provides operation comfort but extended safety as well. With its 2 rotating operator seats, it can rotate up to 45 degrees from both sides along with a tiltable steering. The hydraulic based anti-vibration pads and ergonomically located controls further make it operator-friendly.

JCB Tandem Roller VMT 860 Compactors Colombo
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