Quick Specs

Drum Size
1250 mm
Machine Operating Weight
3300 kg
Maximum Engine Power
33.07 kW (45hp)

The JCB Mini Tandem Roller VMT330 is the entry-level road construction machine, and being the finest in class, it satisfies the demand of road compaction including both earth and asphalt compaction.

It is a zero maintenance compactor with the ability to carry out multiple applications such as highway road shoulders, retaining the walls of flyovers, footpaths, trenches, service roads, industrial and residential columns, and rural roads.

 A Proven Simpson engine makes it vigorous and highly fuel efficient with three water-cooled cylinders and in-house JCB service support.

A zero maintenance roller with lifetime lubricated central joint, consequently minimising friction and allowing smooth movement, along with automatic dust removal system for the air cleaning.

The class leading operating weight of 3300 kg and the centrifugal force of 4588kg, together result in a better compaction output.

The drum has an extended life and increased stability during operations due to its great thickness of 13.5mm. This increases the output in less number of passes.

Provides utmost comfort to the operator with its ergonomically located controls, minimising physical effort and maximising efficiency.

JCB Mini Tandem Roller VMT 330 Compactors Colombo
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